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HOMER Software - Resources

Optimize the value of your hybrid power system—from utility-scale and distributed generation to standalone microgrids

With the most accurate, flexible and robust techno-economic simulation available, HOMER software and UL advisory has a solution for you

HOMER Grid Manual

HOMER® Grid optimizes the value of behind-the-meter and distributed energy systems

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HOMER Pro Manual

HOMER® Pro provides insight into the complexities and tradeoffs of designing cost-effective, reliable microgrids

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Video Library

A comprehensive collection of our latest webinars, tutorials and more exciting HOMER content.

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A place where you can easily find solutions and ask questions about HOMER

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Join us live in our online classrooms where our instructors walk you through every aspect of HOMER and answer your questions.

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Foundations of HOMER Pro

Learn HOMER Pro at your own pace with our on-demand training course.

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Windographer - Resources

Our industry-leading software enables you to import, analyze and visualize wind resource data quicker and easier than ever before.

Windographer is designed for importing, analyzing and visualizing wind resource data measured by met tower, sodar or lidar.

Windographer 5.1 Manual

Increase Return on Wind Resource Measurement Campaigns With Windographer 5 comprehensive Help & Manual.

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Windographer Database

Learn about specifications and requirements to import from and export to a central database of wind resource data.

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Openwind - Resources

Design wind farms that are more efficient than ever before with Openwind—one of the industry’s most advanced pieces of software for creating and optimizing turbine layouts.

Openwind Manual

The wind farm design and optimization software used throughout a wind project’s development

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